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in 2017
by Hanneke Classen

About this font family

We present Les Tulipes Pro. A smart, classy, modern calligraphy layered type system that offers an array of versatility. Les Tulipes Pro is hand drawn with dip pen and ink, with great attention for details.

To name a few:
– Elongated entrance and exit strokes ( type ++1 to ++10 in front and __1 to __10 at the back of any letter)
– 5 different connecting spaces that make it appear as if the pen was never lifted from the paper (type space1 to space5 wherever you want the connecting spaces to appear)
– 9 alternate ampersands (type &1 to &9)
– 2 alternate at signs (type @1 or @2)
– 5 stylistic sets for alternate characters
Note: Discretionary ligatures must be ON

The various designs of Les Tulipes Pro harmonize beautifully. Les Tulipes Pro Sans was designed to complement and support the other styles. The more straight forward appearance of the Sans styles enable you to balance out your designs perfectly.
The Bold and Closed versions offer even more possibilities to combine or highlight words and phrases.

On top of that Les Tulipes Pro Extra, with its 85 gorgeous swirls and swashes tempts you to further embellish your design.