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in 2016
by Hanneke Classen

About this font family

Kinfolk Pro is a font collection of six fonts. The main styles Rough and Smooth are extremely sturdy and bold brush fonts. As the name suggests the smooth style has clean, crisp contours and the rough version has the authentic strokes of a slightly dried out brush. Both versions have 606 glyphs and 4 alternate ornamented capital letters to play with, organized in stylistic sets.
With Discretionary Ligatures and Contextual Alternates activated you can access elongated swashes by simply typing +1 (+2, +3, +4, +5) in front of any letter and =1 (=2, =3, =4, =5) at the back. On top of that Kinfolk Pro Rough and Smooth have some extra stand alone swashes that can be accessed via the glyphs panel or by typing _1, _2 ,_3 _4 _5.

Kinfolk Pro Script is a fully connected script that goes together beautifully with the other styles. For the best connections, activate Discretionary Ligatures and Contextual Alternates.

Additionally there is Kinfolk Pro Ornaments for extra swashes, ink blobs and interesting strokes. Kinfolk Pro Arrows and Kinfolk Pro Flowers both offer 230 glyphs to further juice up your designs.

You’ll need an Open Type savvy application to get the most out of Kinfolk Pro.